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The Atlantic: The Woman Who Revolutionized the Manhattan Art World

Bernice - Atlantic Video Still
The gallerist Bernice Steinbaum is an instigator: she’s been described as a “fireball” and “overwhelming” by artists who’ve worked with her. A new documentary by Kristina Sorge goes inside Steinbaum’s tireless and lifelong efforts to champion the work of female artists and artists of color, at a time when their art was considered second-tier.

Art Report: An Art Documentary on the pioneer of women in art

Bernice Steinbaum

Steinbaum devoted her career to both social and artistic causes. The racial and gender inequality of the art world, especially in her early years, bled into hurdles and hardships that not only posed a problem for Steinbaum but also for the artists she resolutely represented. Despite the setbacks, she maintained her belief that, when confronted with obstacles in the art world, “you only need one person to believe in you and that should be magic.”

Huffington Post’s Malcom Harris interviews Bernice director Kristina Sorge

In this beautifully crafted documentary, young Ms. Sorge highlights her subject’s lifelong efforts to support female artists as well as artists of color throughout their careers. When asked why she felt Bernice was the perfect subject for her first documentary film, Sorge responded, “Walking into Bernice’s world felt as if I was living out a […]

Lightbox Media presents the World Premiere of Bernice

Lightbox Media is proud to announce the world premiere of Bernice at the 2015 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival (April 23-May 3). Bernice is a contender for Best Short Documentary as well as the Audience Award. The winner of Best Short Documentary at Hot Docs will qualify for consideration in the documentary short subject category of the annual Academy Awards as well as entry to the BAFTA Short Film at the British Academy Film Awards. Lightbox Media is excited to introduce this powerful film to an international audience.